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Learn to SAIL BUZZARDS BAY then sail the world

Basic Sailing Modules

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Introductory Lesson

Basic Sailing Prerequisite: None

For those who think they would like to take a sailing course but are not sure. Two hours mini lesson on the water under sail with time at the helm.

Cost: $205.00
Duration: 2 hours
Introductory Lesson

Basic Keelboat Sailing Module

Basic Sailing Prerequisite: None

This module is designed for the beginning sailor as an introduction to the fundamentals of sailing and on the water safety. Upon finishing this course, students will have an understanding of sailboat parts and basic boat handling procedures. This course provides four 4-hour lessons on the water.
Course Instruction covers all the basics, including:

  • Boat, Sail and Rigging Terminology
  • Points of Sail and Sail Trim
  • Sailboat Tacking and Jibing
  • Landing at a Mooring
  • Balance and Sail Shape Control
  • Rules of the Road
  • Man Overboard Drills
Cost: $795.00 +$39.00 ASA Membership
Duration: Four 4-hour Sessions
Certification: Basic Keelboat Sailing and Safe Boating (ASA 101)
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Basic Keelboat Sailing Module

Basic Coastal Cruising Module

Basic Sailing Prerequisite: Successful completion of Basic Keelboat module

This module provides you with the knowledge necessary for coastal cruising. Students spend two 8-hour days cruising a set course using tide tables, charting and dead reckoning, current and weather.
Course Instruction covers essential for cruising, including:

  • Seamanship and Safety
  • Duties of a Skipper and Crew
  • Introductory Navigation
  • Boat Handling Under Power
  • Man Overboard Drills
Cost: $795.00
Duration: Two 8-hour Sessions
Certification: Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103)
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Basic Coastal Cruising Module
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